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Welcome to Expungeinfo.Com

What is a This is a one stop information source and website for you if you are attempting to get a Michigan Criminal conviction set aside.

 There are many reasons why someone would want to do this. Many times it comes down to applying for a job that requires a clean record or just wanting to get rid of a stupid mistake from the past.

Getting your criminal record expunged can make it much easier for you to get a job, housing, or credit. You may have never considered all the situations your criminal record could hurt you or how easy it is to find out about. The truth is your criminal record can hurt you.

 Many employers won’t hire you if you have a criminal record. Many landlords won’t rent to you. And a criminal record may prevent you from getting subsidized housing or public benefits. There are many reasons why clearing your record is a good idea. If you have a criminal record, you probably already know as much. Take the legal steps today and be rewarded with a clean record. 


 The reality is that not everyone is eligible for this service. It mainly comes down to how many times you have been in trouble and what it was for. We can not help everyone with a criminal record.

 However if you are eligible, we offer a complete do it yourself kit, with complete instructions and the needed forms to get your Michigan Conviction set aside without an attorney.

We also offer the services of a Michigan Licensed attorney for clients in Michigan seeking expungements who feel they require the services of a competent attorney.

Answer these simple questions to get started ......

Are you eligible for a Michigan Expungement of an Adult Crime? Do you have only 1 conviction and Is your conviction you want to expunge at least 5 years old? There is no need to continue if any of the answers to these questions are no.

 The law recently has changed in Michigan allowing you to also have up to two minor offenses committed before age 22. These will remain on your record, but you can still expunge one later conviction.  Check out further details on our page that goes into more details for Adult Expungements.

Most types of crimes can be expunged if you qualify. Not everything though, be sure to check out our more detailed description. For a description of the crimes that cannot be expunged, Click Here.

If you have read this far then chances are you are interested in how to get to apply for a Michigan Expungement.  The Expungeinfo Expungement Kit includes all forms and step-by-step instructions you need to complete the process.

You will find answers to all of your questions in the Expungeinfo Expungement Kit.


To begin your new life, buy the Expungeinfo Expungement Kit now. The Internet price for the Expungeinfo Expungement Kit is only $125.00.



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